Crop Origins is a comprehensive ckecklist of crop species cultivated for food. It includes species-level data on diverse continuous and categorical descriptors of antiquity of cultivation, organ harvested for primary use, growth form, and identities, distribution and climate at sites of origin of crops´ wild progenitors.

Phylo Food is a time-calibrated and fully resolved phylogenetic tree of the species in Crop Origins.


This repository includes version 1.0 of Crop Origins and Phylo Food, which is a static mirror of the supplementary material in Milla (2020); and a live version of both resources, meant to be regularly updated. In those links you can find the resources, plus readme and metadata files. Use the live version for the most up to date data, and debugged resources!

Usage and disclaimer:

This is work in progress, please do not hesitate to submit your feedback or alerts on new literature, either privately to the author (, or publicly here.

Terms of use: the resources in this repository can be freely downloaded and used by any interested person or party, provided that the source is properly cited in publications.

Disclaimer: all efforts were made to provide resources of the highest quality, including formal and informal reviews by peers. However, the author cannot guarantee full accuracy of the information, and the user utilizes the repository at her/his own risk.


Milla, R (2020) Crop Origins and Phylo Food: a database and a phylogenetic tree to stimulate comparative analyses on the origins of food crops. Global Ecology and Biogeography 29: 606-614.